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Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like...Spring

Springtime in Alberta...

This is not unusual, even for May. Thankfully, it is just a nice, cool shower and not a snow storm!
It is supposed to warm up to a balmy 6C this afternoon, so the snow will turn to rain again shortly. :)

Since it has been so cool and wet, it is perfect weather to spend some extra time in the kitchen! My rice bread turned out magnificently yesterday...maybe it was the low barometricpressure??? Emily also did a mountain of baking for the freezer - cookies and 3 kinds of muffins.
I am actually thankful for the cool weather...
then I can stay inside - free of the guilty call of outside work - and get caught up on some of the inside jobs.
A cup of tea would be nice as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Is Ridiculous!

I have mentioned Manly's new bike - it doesn't have petals so he just pushes along with his feet. It is supposed to teach them their balance by coasting...and it really does work! When he first got it, he just stood up and walked with it. Now he sits on the seat and really coasts. He will pick up his feet and go down the little incline on our sidewalk. :) Every time he does it, I am sure that he is going to wipe out, but somehow he manages to hold on and steer.

Well, the other evening, Steve and I were enjoying some time outside after supper. Steve was looking at the bike when he suddenly burst out laughing. He showed me the sticker on the bike...

Yep! Since we always try to follow every letter of every sub law that was ever made by every level of government or industry (NOT! GAG!), we dutifully got out the instruction manual and let Manly peruse it at his leisure. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Things

"The little things in life are really the big things in life."
As far back as I can remember, I have been enamored with little things -
the tiny, perfect details in nature -
the things that busy, hurried people miss seeing.
Have you ever laid on your tummy in the grass and just looked at the perfect form of each blade with its tidy crease down the middle?
Have you ever marveled at the tiny, curly petals on a dandelion?
When studied closely, the commonest things in my life reveal to me the greatest intricacy of God's design.