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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Assignment # 13 - "Just an Ordinary Day..."

"Just an ordinary day"... Is there really such a thing??? As I contemplated doing this post, I realized that I do have ordinary days, but probably not this week. :) But that is OK, I'll record a day anyway. After all, unusual is somewhat ordinary around here.

I didn't want this post to get too long - but it has. I also wanted more pictures (and more interesting ones!) but I kept forgetting to take them. I also don't show our children's full faces on a public blog, so that was somewhat limiting.

I hope you don't find this boring!

So, this is my Tuesday, October 3, 2009

6:30 AM - My alarm rings and I roll out of bed. My alarm does not have a snooze button (I destroyed it on purpose) so I have learned to get up with the first ring. Hubby turns over and mumbles a "Good Morning, Babe." He usually sleeps for 15-30 minutes longer.
I get changed into my exercise clothes and turn the computer on in the office. I go through the T-Tapp workout and then check my e-mail while I drink (I always drink 16-24 oz of water before breakfast). I then got dressed for the day.7:10 - Time to start breakfast. This morning as I walk in the kitchen, I see that some jobs from last night didn't get finished - the dishes were not put away and some of them are not washed properly, the water filter was not filled and some food was left out. I check the duty chart to see who the "culprits" are, and then mention to Steve what was not done. He called the kids (they are to get up at 7:00) and gave some warnings with duties.

7:50 - Breakfast is late this morning because of the duties left from last night. Oh well, it will be better tomorrow. The family has their usual breakfast - rice porridge, toast and eggs, and orange juice.
I had a fruit smoothie made with coconut milk, banana & blueberries, as well as a piece of toast and an egg. Usually I just have the smoothie and egg - but I had a craving for bread this morning. :P

8:30 - Steve leaves for work (also 1/2 hour later then usual, but he is self employed, so there is no big pressure there). The children all start their morning chores. Mine are to mix bread if we need it, comb little girl's hair and throw laundry in. We don't need bread this morning so I spend extra time with laundry. I also make our bed and tidy up our bedroom during this time. It is so tempting just to crawl back into bed - but I manage to fight off the urge. :)
Millie has to baby sit this morning for a ladies bible study at a church close by (she does this every Tuesday morning). Her stomach is upset: it is from something she ate (food allergy) and not from the flu so she decides to go anyways. She leaves at 9:00 and will be gone until 12:00.

Wafe and Kinners are helping Steve at the shop this week, so they did their chores at home, practiced their music lessons and then headed for the shop. They left at 9:30.

So it was just me and the littlies left at home. I had a short rest and then we did their phonics lesson.
I decide to catch up on laundry which was in a sad state. First I make myself a cup of tea, read for half and hour on the computer (really just procrastinating) and then I folded 5 loads of laundry and the girls helped me put it away.
The girls then play a memory card game while I start lunch. Millie comes home and tells me about her morning babysitting while we get lunch ready.

We call the boys at 12:15 (Steve is usually able to come home for lunches and I just give his cell a ring when it is ready). By 12:30, they still are not home, so I call them again. Steve had had some machinery going so did not heard the first call. They hurry home and Kinners eats fast so he can be ready in time for swimming lessons at 1:00.

12:50 I leave the house with Kinners and Sunny and head for the pool (only 6 blocks away).

They make it to their classes on time and I go and sit in the observer's seating with the other Moms. A girl I know, Cristine, comes over to visit. She lives up the street from us and Steve did quite a bit of finishing work in their heritage Eaton's home a few years ago.

(Usually, I either go for a walk or have a nap right after lunch. Having swimming lessons really disrupts our day, but it is only for a short time and it is worthwhile.)

Visiting made the hour pass quickly and soon the kids were heading for the change rooms. I told them that they had to get changed quickly today as I had an appointment after. They were very quick and we were in the van by 2:10. That gave me just enough time to drop them off at home and head up for my Dr.'s appointment at 2:15 (I got their at 2:18 and didn't have to wait at all!).

The appointment went good. The doctor thought it was kind of silly to want progesterone cream, but he agreed to give me a prescription for it (YEA!) - as long as I did not use it until after Friday's blood work to check my thyroid. He was alarmed that I was still bleeding and booked me an emergency ultra-sound to check if any placenta is still retained. That is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. He is really a great doctor and I am so thankful that he is a believer.

3:00 - After the appointment, I stopped off at Steve's shop to tell him about what the Dr. said. We visited for a few minutes and discussed how to work things with the kids tomorrow if I run into the city to have the ultra-sound. I also like stopping by to see how his projects are progressing. The octagon shaped island that he is building right now has a heavy, octagon pillar in the middle of it from the counter to the ceiling. Steve has hand carved roses up the pillar and the boys are fine-sanding the carving.
The holes cut at the bottom of the pillar are for electrical outlet boxes.

Next Steve will be staining and lacquering.

3:30 - Home again. The little ones are just getting up from naps and I get them a snack. I then phone the music teacher to switch tomorrow's lesson time to accommodate my appointment.

4:00 - I plan on having baked spaghetti tonight, so I get the hamburger browning and gather ingredients for the sauce. I put on a John Mcdermmot CD while I work and put my casserole together to the notes of "Scotland the Brave", and "Danny Boy". I then cut up a green salad.

The boys came home around 4:30.

5:20 - I called Steve for supper (we usually eat at 5:30). I then get out the laptop to work on this post while I wait for him.

6:00 - Steve is not home yet, so we are going to go ahead and eat. If he is late, it is usually because one of his brothers, his dad, a fellow contractor or a customer had stopped by for a visit after work. It is nice for him when this happens as he has usually worked by himself most the day.

Steve got home at 6:30 - we were mostly done supper. I stayed at the table to visit with him while he ate.

7:00 - After supper, he asked me to do some computer work for him. The older children did their chores and the little ones played while Steve and I worked in the office. I purchased most of our hunting licences online, discovered that they did not issue us enough pre-numbered tags. I looked up where the Fish and Wildlife office is in Red Deer so I can pick up some more tags after getting my ultra-sound. The office turned out to be about 4 blocks away from the medical office so that will make it easy for me.
I will also get groceries for the next 2 weeks while I am in the city tomorrow. I also need some clothes... and I would REALLY like to get to the fabric store... but there will only be a few hours to work with.

I got our monthly bulk produce list today and I put my order together and emailed it - I ordered 35# of butternut squash, 1 box of tangerines (for making juice in the mornings), 1 box of bananas and 1 box of grapefruit (a box is generally 40#). I still have enough apples from last month's order. I will share lemons, lettuce, cucumbers and broccoli with my SILs.

Steve was working on an estimate for a kitchen while I did the computer work. When he was done, I scanned his drawings sent off several emails for him.
9:00 - Oh dear, it has gotten late. Usually I read stories to the little ones at 8:00 and they are in bed at 8:30! Tonight I read one short story, prayed with the four youngest and got them to bed quickly.
Then we had devotions with the older children and they were off to bed at 10:00 - again a bit later than usual (the theme of today!).

It is now 10:15 - I am going to work on this post for a few more minutes, read some on friend's blogs, have a shower and then snuggle in bed. I recently switched to having my personal bible reading once I am in bed (instead of in the morning as I usually hit the ground running in the morning and to sit down, interrupted just doesn't happen!) and I try to have the lights out by 11:00.

That was my "ordinary day". I am always so thankful when everyone is safe at home after a busy day - I have so much to be thankful for!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Assignment #12: Harvest

Harvest -noun
1. Also, har-vest-ing. The gathering of crops.
2. The season when ripened crops are gathered.
3. A crop or yield of one growing season.
4. a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored.
5. the result or consequence of any act, process or event.

Sooner or later, every one sits down to a banquet of consequences.

Robert Louis Stevenson

The earth yields a bounty:

from the field...

... from the forest...

...from the black earth.

With some harvest, we fill our larder...

With some harvest, we fill our hearts.

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
Gen 8:22