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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Since The Rain... Things Look So Much Better

Does anyone else remember that song, "Since The Rain"? Back in my radio days, I liked it and if I remember correctly, Ian Tyson sang it. Anyway, once in a while I think of it on a fresh, sweet morning after a rain. We had a good heavy thunder shower yesterday evening so...
This morning was one of those mornings - full of sweet smells and sparkling beauty.

This next picture is what I call a "Tulip Kiss". Doesn't it look like it is puckering up?? ;)
I never used to be a morning person - in fact I was a confirmed night hawk. I have defected to the morning crowd over the past ten years.
Last night after Bible study, I saw so many people out walking and biking and I was tempted to join them. However, there were still some jobs to be done in the kitchen and I didn't want to get to bed late. I have to be in bed dozing by 11:00PM for me to be worth anything in the morning. I comforted myself that the morning would be mine. I had a whole hour of quiet morning sweetness of my very own.

It was worth waiting for...there weren't even any mosquitoes out!

My transportation for the morning was my new bike. :) It took me (or rather I took it) on a lovely 5 mile pedal, mostly out of town. You can see my handy basket that makes carrying my camera easy. :D I am so thankful for this lovely gift from my husband!