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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Assignment #16 - Gratitude

What am I thankful for??? So many, many things... and more importantly, so many people! I am going to list 10 people (or people groups) who I am so thankful are in my life.

1. My Dear, Dear Savior: how could I ever begin to tell about this wonderful person? I guess if you know him too, a description is unnecessary. Yet I know nothing warms my heart like hearing another believer share what Jesus means to them... so I'll share a wee bit here. This Lord of mine took me in and remade me when I had nothing to give him in return but my pitiful life. He has set me free from hurtful habits, lies of the Devil, and my sin and guilt. He has placed my feet on the rock of his truth and given me the hope of salvation. By the strength of his spirit, I am able to be a wife, mother and teacher. He meets me in my humble home each day and guides me through each moment of the day. He greets my waking thought with his own thoughts. Without him... well, I don't like to think about that!

2. My Dear, Dear Husband: I am so thankful for Debi Pearl's book, Created To Be His Help Meet. The description in there of a Mr. Visionary helped me understand this man of mine! At times I wondered if I had married a crazy man! Now that I understand him better, I can listen to his plans: like moving to the Yukon to homestead, with some gravity (as opposed to running around gathering up a grubstake for a family of 9). Steven is such an amazing man: he is creative and artistic and is such a man of leadership and ambition ("lazy" just is not in his vocabulary!). No one has loved me with such a perfect, Christ-like love as this man has. Where would I be without him????... I don't like to think of that, either!

3. My Kids: I think I have some of the most forgiving kids in the world! They just keep loving this Momma of theirs and I am so humbled. Steven often comments that we are raising our best friends. :) While right now, I have to be teacher, guide, Momma, and bedroom inspector - I can see that someday, I will be free to enjoy a close friendship with these amazing people. I am getting glimpses of it with Millie now, and I LOVE it!

4. My Dad: I have watched my Dad go through the grief of losing my Mom to dementia at an unusually young age (she was just over 50 when she really lost the ability to function normally). Through this, I have gotten to know my Dad in a way I probably never would have. He comes over to our house often to visit (and have supper). :) We enjoy his company, and who wouldn't? - he is well read, has traveled the world with his work, taught high school, farmed, held positions of administration, runs his own business as a land agent, is a history buff, is gifted with analyzing people and situations, is soft spoken and pleasant.... and an expert Grandpa. Dad reads my blog, and while he may not comment on it, he comments to me later. :) And best of all - he likes my cooking!

5. My Parents-In-Law: You know how you just can't out-give some people? Well, these are two of those people. They are always giving - to strangers, friends, fellow-believers and family. They raised 5 children and have 27 grandchildren (the oldest is 18). Dad has run a dairy farm and a construction business. He has a reputation as being upright and honest in all his dealings. He is the "lay-pastor" in our home fellowship and is often sought out for his council and wisdom. Mom is truly a "mother-heart" that has room in her time, home and arms for all who need her. She is a great cook - nothing beats Mom's roast beef or chicken. She has run a floral arranging business in the past and she did our wedding flowers.

6. My sil, Melodie: Mel is six years older than me and my husband's only sister. Right from when we met, we have been friends. She is so giving and sensitive to other's needs and hurts. Over the last month, as I have been struggling with this miscarriage and hormone changes, she has sent me several notes and gifts to encourage me. Her oldest kids are 5 years older than our oldest, so I have appreciated someone who I can talk to, ask questions of, and get ideas from. She has been so content in their little 1920's farm house - always showing hospitality and generosity. She is due to welcome their 10th baby in February.

7. My sil, Laurie: Laurie and I knew each other as kids, growing up in western Alberta. Then our family moved east to the prairies and I lost touch with her. It was such a surprise when she turned up at Prairie Bible Institute in our town - and caught the notice of Steve's older brother, Kevin. She is now my sister-in-law and the mother of 7! Laurie has been a true friend, especially the last few years since they moved into town. She has visited my Mom with me (she lost her mom 3 years ago and understands). She has made our family many meals when I have been ill or just had a baby. She is always honest and just herself... she couldn't be deceitful if her life depended on it! She always thinks the best of people is quick to praise any good she sees. I am always amazed at her example of "plodding". Laurie doesn't do spectacular, unusual things in her homeschooling, housekeeping or projects - but she plods... and by her faithfulness she accomplishes HUGE things.

8. My new sil, Emilie: I am still getting to know Emilie (married to Steve's youngest brother, Justin) - but the things that I appreciate about her already is her cheerfulness, creativity and servant attitude. In their few months of marriage, she has delivered 2 or 3 meals to my door to help when I was sick as well as taking the littlies to the park and other helpful things.

9. My community: My "little town on the prairie" has a pop. of 3500 and is in the middle of nowhere (it isn't "on the way" to anywhere). I have lived here for over 23 years. When I go "uptown" I am constantly greeted by name - people know my kids - they stop and ask how we are doing. It is a great community to raise a family in and we are thankful to be here.

10. My e-friends: I used to think that nothing could be more shallow than having friends that you only know through the computer. When I started a blog, it was to keep in touch with family and friends that we didn't see often... but it hasn't turned out that way. Many are just too busy to be bothered with checking in on our family or read what I have written - hey, I understand. Instead I have made many new friends (and met up with some old friends). Altogether, I have been encouraged and enriched by meeting other godly woman who want to honor the Lord in their homes and relationships. I have learned to love many of you and I think of and pray for you often - you are precious women! My husband was VERY sceptical of me contacting people this way - but he has been won over! He even asks about your families and activities. :)

Well that was longer than I though it would be... but I am just overflowing with thankfulness!

Oh not! I forgot someone! Steven's dear Aunt Ardith! This woman is one of the most gracious, composed, generous, thoughtful, compassionate and kind people I know. I was actually going to post something about her on my other blog, "At The Rose Cottage", so I will keep this concise and just say that the Lord has used "A.A." in our lives for a tremendous blessing!