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Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Fever

We have all had a case of spring fever this last week.

The four walls of our little house seem to be marching in on us and we all have this itchy, got-to-go-somewhere feeling.

We have all dealt with it differently.

The way that I usually deal with it is to do something creative.

Sometimes that is using my camera.

Sometimes that is sewing.

Yesterday that was painting.

I just got a new set of watercolour pencils.

And a new book of paper. J

This meadowlark was my first project with the pencils.

I have enjoyed watercolours and acrylics in the past,

But the pencils were something new.

I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Here are some of past projects:

This is a copy of a painting I did of my Granddad and his horse.

This is in our living room: lighthouses.

Doodling around doing pictures of Steven and the children.

So, I have my new pencils and paper sitting on my dresser. When I feel the spring fever coming on, all I have to do is pick them up and create.

It seems to work as an instant cure for me.