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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Impromptu Holiday

Since Steven had to work over the May long weekend, he said he would take off the first nice day he could. The next Wednesday was the day we chose. Steven took the boys and Emily out to work up our garden area at his parent's farm. They spent some time shooting gophers and hiking around.
In the evening, he wanted to go fishing. Emily offered to stay home with the two youngest as they really needed to get to bed early. She said she had done lots of fun things lately and she wanted me to have a chance to get out. :) What a sweetheart!

We drove down to the Red Deer River. It was kind of muddy from all the rain, but still "fishable". This is one of our favorite areas to fish, hunt, canoe or just enjoy. It has such a wonderful ruggedness and is full of contrasts.
On our walk to the fishing hole, I trialed behind the others to enjoy SEEING life - many people look without seeing and they miss so much.
This fat bumble bee was clumsily working around the bright purple pea vetch.

There is almost no soil here - at least I don't think this clay can be called soil. It is slimy and slick when wet and bakes hard and almost white when dry. On it's smoothness, every print or track can be seen...even the paths from worms.
There is a starkness and harshness to the shadows.
Hardy plants still find a foothold and push up through the crust.
Every touch of softness, beauty and color stands out against the hard lines of the rock and mud.
And flowing through the middle of this dessert-like landscape is the river. Its banks are thick with willow and huge cottonwoods that are rich with wildlife - an outdoor playground.

Climbing the bank.
Flowers from my girlies.

Some of the wildlife we saw up close...
A duck and her bobbing brood.
Many, many bunnies where hopping around.
A great, fat beaver waddled on the bank for a while, and then slipped into the water to swim past us.
And a ring-necked pheasant! That was a trophy to see!
And some "Amy-inspired" photos...

And a few minutes at the campground park to finish up a lovely evening.

I am looking forward to some warmer weather again so we can do more things outside. It israining again today and is quite cool. We started the spring with dire predictions from the farmers because of how dry it there is more then enough water, we just need some HEAT!
It'll come. :)


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Desiree said...

wowzers, I stop in to visit, and I see a whole pile of posts!! So good to read too! That is so good about the beef. I know what you mean about complaining. I did a photo shoot for a family, and it was way more then I was supposed to do (for free). I was complaining in my heart, and in the end, they gave me a used lens that they didn't want anymore. What a blessing!!