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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Assignment #17 - Handmade

Being a Mother is one of the most rewarding yet challenging positions to hold. Everyday is physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally taxing. Everyday also has it's little rewards of preciousness: baby smiles, loving words, pictures to hang on the fridge, wet kisses and hair-messing hugs.

Occasionally, in the midst of homemaking, I get this creative urge to make something beautiful that I can enjoy right away. Let's face it, baking, doing dishes, cleaning house, and grocery shopping just doesn't fulfill a creative desire (OK, it sometimes does, but the clean house or the cookies or the full pantry doesn't last very long).

When this urge hits me, I generally want to do a project that will not take too long to finish. Sometimes I pick up my paintbrush - I enjoy watercolors, sometimes I pull out scrap booking, sometimes I blog :), and sometimes I sew.

Last week I got the "creative bug" and started making a tea cozy that would fit my largest tea pot. I looked up different patterns and ended up using the instructions on a website called "The Rusty Bobbin". I couldn't get a link to work *grrrr* so just Goggle "rusty bobbin sews tea cozy" and you'll find it.

I also purposed to use only what fabric and notions I had on hand (to save money and to have a fun challenge). Applique is one of my favorite sewing methods because the projects are small and I can work on them while sitting with the family.

So, Ta Da....
I love RED, so there is red accents - if I had brown fabric, I probably would have chosen that instead of black, but I am happy with the black.
The main change I made from the directions, was to put a casing around the bottom and run a bit of elastic in it so that the cozy would "hug" my tea pot better.


Kayte said...

Adorable!!! I love the "Sweetened with Love"!! Very cute!

Leanne said...

So Cute. I'm so glad that you take time to be creative... it's good for the soul!

Carmen said...

I love it.

Des said...

Hi, we don't have TV, so when I feel like I need some down time, I love blog surfing. And what do you know? Someone I know!! Wow, so cool to go over some of your entries! Some things I was thinking while reading: Jeannie loves that Pearl book and I read it once while visiting her. Did you shoot that buck? This is the first hunting season Stephen didn't get anything. I miss the venison already. We still have some from last year, but I'll be treating it like gold until next year. I'll be back to check often!!

jennstar said...

Des! I can't believe it! How wonderful to hear from you... I will be sending you a note soon!

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Oh, I understand that creative urge so well. And isn't it so rewarding to spend it on something useful for your home? So pretty.

Cinnamon said...

That is beautiful. You did such a good job!


jennstar said...

Love you Mom! I think you are one of the best Moms ever! I sometimes wish I had your creativity, I think you did an awesome job.